Originally in 2003 Mukhtalif Scents website was first created as an information based database solely to educate people on how natural Attar oils benefit the mind and body according to Islam with evidences in science. With many satisfied customers, we now pride ourselves on years of quality and customer satisfaction. I have been an artisan perfumer for over 20 years.

  • Fine Oud – Musk’s – Deer Musk – Ambergris – Rose – Jasmine Oils  – Vetiver – Sandalwood’s as well as other high quality and unique perfume oils uniquely created using pure aged oils by myself as an experienced artisan perfumer.
  • I DO NOT use chemical, synthetic or alcohol based perfumes, all are 100% pure oils, even our blended range are made using 100% pure base oils such as fine Sandalwood, Argan, Sweet Almond, Olive, Jojoba all having natural high levels of vitamins, minerals and being of the highest Organic quality, from around the world.
  • I don’t use Ethanol or any other type of alcohol, only natural organic oils to make the very best for your health perfume oils.
  • As a well travelled individual, in many instances these are sourced directly from the source – worldwide by myself, making them exclusive and guaranteeing there purity and authenticity, therefore quantities of certain stock are always limited!
  • I don’t buy from third party sources simply because we don’t know how pure the oils are, we therefore buy our oils direct from the source or the perfumers who make the oils, making us exclusive.
  • I have over 20 years experience in attar oils and how they benefit the mind and body, learned from a renowned Scholar in Islam and historical and ancient perfumers and scientists such as Al-Kindi, Ibn Sunnah etc. I am well adversed.
  • Our selection is perfect for, religious, meditation, holistic as well as massage therapies. There uniqueness pacifies the user and brings an awe inspiring peace and calmness within one’s self and radiates these energies to the surroundings.
  • Please read Benefits of Attar, on how these beautiful fragrances can benefit the mind, body and soul.
  • For those who require a specialised Attar blended wanting something different, please contact me.
  • Worldwide delivery!
  • Please check my feedback


The information provided on this site by Mukhtalif Scents, is for personal information and interest only. It is no way advice or treatment for any condition. You should not use the information for self-diagnosis or treatment, but consult a physician for professional medical advise.

Attar oils are pure and concentrated and therefore may cause irritation to some skin types. If you do have sensitive skin, we recommend performing a small patch test before using any new oil.

Attar oils are natural coming from plant, wood and animal extracts, therefore can stain light clothing with natural colouring, we therefore advise to be cautious.

Unfortunately refunds are not allowed due to nature of products.

All our oils are for external use only, unless otherwise stated. And as with all cosmetic products we advise all to keep out of the reach of children.

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  1. Great informative site, thankyou for all your kind advice it was much sought after…a muslim feels at ease knowing there is someone out there knowing about this beautiful work.

  2. Mashallah beautiful to read someone who has a lot of love with this fragrant sunnah, and it was a pleasure meeting you last week, the Oudh is much loved, stay in touch
    Dr Rahim

  3. Salaam I am interested in buying the deer musk powder. Is this pure powder 100 per cent. How do you take payment? Where are you based? As if you are near I can come and purchase off you. Jazakhallah

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