How to use Attar oils according to Islam

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Amongst the Sufis and Great scholars of Islam whom acquired their knowledge by practising the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him) the most common method of applying Attar practised by them was to rub a small amount of oil over the extended right hand palm down (back of the hand). This is also the etiquettes of receiving attar offered by someone. The attar oil is then rubbed over the beard, forehead etc.

‘Whenever the Prophet took the bath of Janaba, he asked for the Hilab or some other scent. He used to take it in his hand, rub it first over the right side of his head and then over the left and then rub the middle of his head with both hands’

Hadith – Sahih Al-Bukhari #1.258, Narrated ‘Aisha, r.a.

The second method is used when a physical or emotional condition is being treated. Put one or two drops of attar oil on a small piece of cotton (about the size of the end of a cotton bud or swab) then insert the cotton piece in the ridge like edge of the ear known as the crest of helix, (please note DO NOT insert inside the ear hole) see diagram.

This is only done in the right ear, where at this point of placement is five cranial nerves that come together (for all the senses of the body) and form a nerve mass or ganglia ( a nerve centre) this is an important point and used in many alternative medicines such as Chinese acupuncture.

I would also recommend certain fragrances that have been made for a particular type of ailment be used as directed. e.g I make a perfume oil using natural ingredients to alleviate headaches and migraines, I direct the user/s to apply this to the wrist points and temples of the head.